Chevron project management engineers manage a range of projects from implementation through completion, including construction projects for oil and gas production facilities (onshore and offshore), platform fabrication, transmission pipelines, refinery expansions and upgrades, new chemical plants, and tanker fabrication in shipyards.

Who We Hire
What You'll Do
Where You'll Work

Who We Hire

Chevron facilities project management job candidates should have a bachelor's or master's degree in chemical, civil, electrical or mechanical engineering.

What You'll Do

Chevron facilities project management engineers work on a variety of equipment and systems, including structural systems (for example, offshore conventional and floating facilities), tanks, vessels, compressors, pumps, piping, cranes, motors, power distribution, telecommunications, computer systems and controls. You'll be involved in all phases of these types of projects, including:

  • Determining objectives and evaluating alternatives.
  • Defining scope.
  • Developing and monitoring schedules.
  • Estimating and monitoring costs.
  • Engineering and designing equipment, piping and process flow.
  • Preparing specifications for construction and equipment purchases.
  • Managing equipment procurement.
  • Administering contracts for construction, including preparing and evaluating bids and negotiating terms and conditions.
  • Supervising and planning jobs.
  • Interfacing with operations and regulatory agencies.
  • Managing the turnover, startup and maintenance of facilities.

Where You'll Work

Project managers are in demand around the globe. Depending on your role, you may work in:

  • Angola
  • Brazil
  • Dubai
  • Houston, Texas
  • Kazakhstan
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • London, United Kingdom
  • Seoul, Ulsan or Okpo, South Korea
  • Singapore
  • U.S. Gulf Coast

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