What is the culture like at Chevron?

See The Chevron Way for an overview of our vision, values, business principles and goals. The Chevron Way explains who we are, what we do, what we believe and what we plan to accomplish. It establishes a common understanding not only for those of us who work here, but for all who interact with us.

The Chevron culture also stresses the importance of a balanced lifestyle for its employees, which means you’ll be free to have a life outside of the workplace. In fact, many of our employees are on a “9/80” schedule. They work 80 hours over nine days and take the tenth day off.

Teamwork is another important part of the Chevron working environment.

How do employees dress at Chevron?

Employees wear “business casual” clothes in most locations.

What are housing costs in San Ramon, California?

Housing costs in San Ramon are above the national average but more affordable than those in San Francisco and the Silicon Valley.

How are rotations planned?

That’s a big part of the program manager’s job. He or she tries to understand each member’s interests, skills, preferences and career goals. Subject to any limitations on opportunities at Chevron, the manager will work to create ideal rotations for each candidate. The rotations are not predetermined. The major goal is to ensure some variety and exposure to different areas of Chevron, including Upstream/Downstream, domestic/international, operating company/corporate department and within and outside the finance function.

Please note that there are usually more potential assignments than there are M.B.A.s. Given that the program has a strong track record,managers throughout Chevron are familiar with the abilities of program members.

How would I be rotated out of the M.B.A. program and given my first assignment?

The process is similar to the one described above for rotations; however, the program manager also uses additional resources, including various Professional Development Committees (PDCs) and a wide network of contacts.

There is the expectation that you’ll move and grow continuously throughout your career, and therefore the initial placement off the program is not expected to be the final assignment. First assignments off the program usually last two to three years.

What if I'm really interested in working overseas after I finish my rotations?

We try to accommodate individual interests wherever possible. Given the global nature of our business, it is very common for people to go back and forth between the United States and international locations during their careers.

What's a typical career path?

There is no typical career path. We recognize that individuals are unique and have different interests and skills, and we try to accommodate your preferences. In general, if a person’s career is progressing well, he or she can expect to move every two to three years.

How soon will I know whether or not I'll get an offer?

First-round full-time interviews take place from late September to early November each year. Second rounds are usually held in December each year, and offers are made shortly thereafter.

Interviews for summer internships take place in January and February each year.