A job with Chevron's Health, Environment and Safety (HES) team offers the opportunity to protect the safety and health of our people as well as the environment in our operations and the communities where we work. Our Operational Excellence Management System (OEMS) helps us monitor safety, health, environmental, reliability and efficiency measures within our operations.

Who We Hire
What You'll Do
Where You'll Work

Who We Hire

We look for occupational health and safety professionals with a bachelor's or master's degree in:

  • Safety sciences
  • Industrial health and safety
  • Occupational safety and health
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Civil, chemical or mechanical engineering degree with an emphasis in safety or industrial hygiene

We look for environmental professionals with a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree in one of the following:

  • Environmental engineering or hydrogeology
  • Civil, chemical or mechanical engineering with an environmental emphasis

What You'll Do

When you join Chevron's Health, Environment and Safety (HES) team, you'll receive general business training, technical training, and mentoring through our Horizons early career development program. You'll typically spend your first five years in a variety of positions to refine and extend your expertise and knowledge of the health, environment and safety issues related to our business.

Responsibilities vary depending on the position, but in general, as an occupational health and safety professional, you'll:

  • Advise on safety and industrial hygiene regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Develop safety procedures and guidelines.
  • Conduct safety inspections and audits.
  • Conduct exposure assessments and monitoring.
  • Evaluate and address ergonomic risks.
  • Advise on strategies to improve safety and health performance.
  • Design and deliver safety and industrial hygiene courses.
  • Work to ensure compliance.

As an environmental professional, you'll:

  • Advise on environmental regulatory requirements and best practices.
  • Work with regulatory agencies to obtain permits.
  • Develop environmental procedures and guidelines.
  • Conduct emissions modeling for air, waste or water.
  • Perform studies to estimate and reduce emissions.
  • Implement waste management programs.
  • Assess and manage environmental, social and health impacts.
  • Assess control technology.
  • Remediate contaminated sites.
  • Work to ensure compliance.

Where You'll Work

You'll join a team of professionals within an operating company, a technical services organization, or our headquarters staff. You'll collaborate to improve the overall performance of the organization with respect to health, environment and safety.

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On the Job Profile


Betty - Asset Development – Team Leader

"Chevron has continued to provide me with challenging assignments and personal development opportunities."

On the Job Profile


Carolina - HES Specialist - Process Safety

" People development is a top priority at Chevron and there are many opportunities to grow in technical and management areas. "

On the Job Profile


Shakir - Operational Excellence Coordinator

"Chevron values provide the entire workforce with a common framework to ensure we conduct business ethically."