A Chevron legal career offers an opportunity to put your expert knowledge and ideas to work in a dynamic business environment where you'll help solve global issues that affect the lives of millions.

Who We Hire
What You'll Do
Where You'll Work

Who We Hire

Chevron legal teams:

  • Have sufficient knowledge of legal concepts.
  • Have a collaborative work style and enjoy a teamwork-oriented environment.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and high ethical standards.
  • Are keenly aware of the limitations imposed by the unauthorized practices of law.

We're looking for highly motivated and collaborative professionals to join our Chevron legal team, including:

  • Associate legal analysts
  • Legal analysts
  • Senior legal analysts

What You'll Do

Chevron legal teams handle all cases, claims, arbitrations, investigations and major complex litigation activities involving Chevron Corporation and its companies. As a Chevron legal professional, you'll provide legal services and litigation support to:

  • Chief corporate counsel
  • Managing counsel for the Corporate, Environmental, Human Resources, Litigation, Patent and Technology/Research attorney work units
  • Corporate staff attorneys
  • Law departments of Chevron's downstream and upstream companies
  • Other Chevron operating companies

Where You'll Work

Legal professionals are critical across every aspect of our global organization and all of Chevron's operating companies. Depending on your role, your journey at Chevron could take you to one or more locations around the world.

Choose a country and start your job search today.

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