petroleum engineering

Chevron petroleum engineers play a critical role in our operations by managing oil- and gas-producing properties and identifying opportunities to improve their performance and profitability.

who we hire

We’re looking for individuals with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in petroleum, chemical or mechanical engineering, as well as other engineering disciplines with previous oil industry experience.

"From the first day I arrived, I felt accepted, which allowed me to begin contributing right away."


Lead Production Engineer

what you'll do

Join our petroleum engineering team and work in one of the following vital capacities:

  • Production engineers - who handle the daily management of oil and gas production operations and help to maximize profitability by increasing revenue and lowering operating expenses
  • Production operations - who implement safe and environmentally sound practices in field operations and maintenance
  • Reservoir engineers - who evaluate field performance opportunities and help maximize the ultimate value of a property

where you'll work

Petroleum engineers work at all of Chevron’s upstream operations around the world. Typically, petroleum engineers spend their first five to 10 years in:

  • Production engineering
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Drilling engineering

Opportunities to transfer overseas usually begin after five years of experience.