procurement/supply chain MBA summer internship program

For first-year MBA students who would like to take a closer look at Chevron, procurement/supply chain management sponsors a summer internship program. Participants will intern as a business analyst where they will gain a better understanding of Chevron's business and learn more about its people and culture.

This program will provide the participants with a variety of unique experiences that will serve to develop and broaden critical skill sets and competencies as they progress in their development towards leadership roles within the organization. Internship assignments mirror the experience and responsibilities of the procurement/supply chain MBA development program rotational assignments.

who we hire

Chevron seeks talented first-year MBA students pursuing a supply chain management degree who 

  • Have strong academic performance and career interest in supply chain management
  • Demonstrate strong analytical skills, problem-solving capabilities and business acumen
  • Possess leadership potential
  • Can innovate and look beyond standard practices
  • Exhibit excellent communication abilities
  • Promote teamwork, diversity and integrity
  • Are open to learning and exploring a variety of procurement/supply chain business areas
  • Have three to six years of related work experience
  • Are geographically mobile.

Chevron regrets that it is unable to sponsor employment visas or consider individuals on time-limited visa status for this position. However, refugees, asylees, temporary resident aliens and applicants for temporary resident status are eligible, in addition to U.S. citizens and permanent residents.

"My summer internship at Chevron gave me the best opportunity for a relationship of mutual sharing and learning between the company, myself, and fellow interns."


Business Analyst

what you'll do

Procurement/supply chain management MBA summer interns will be asked to complete a variety of tasks and may work on several projects simultaneously. The position conducts various supply chain analyses, internal and external market research studies, as well as data and process analysis for procurement management and cross-operating company procurement teams. Frequent interaction with senior managers, current program members and program alumni can be expected.

Assignments are driven by organizational and business needs, and could include one or more projects within following areas:

  • Category management
  • Contracting
  • Procurement operations
  • Additional procurement/supply chain management

Full-time positions may be offered to selected interns at the end of the internship. Additionally, Chevron hires a select number of these interns into the procurement/supply chain MBA development program.

where you'll work

Summer internships are typically located in:

  • Bakersfield, California
  • Covington, Louisiana
  • Houston, Texas
  • San Ramon, California (headquarters)