hiring process

a look inside our hiring process

step 1

learn how to apply

Chevron conducts business in countries around the world, which offers you diverse opportunities for continued growth – both professionally and personally.

In many countries where we operate, open positions are contained in our online job search tool. You'll be able to search for positions by keyword or location.

If your country does not use our online job search tool, you'll find job application information in the How to Apply section of your country's web page.


step 2

apply for the job

When applying for an open position, applicants will be prompted to complete an online profile; a resume or CV is required to complete the online profile. This gives us a full picture of your skills and qualifications. Once a position has closed, our experienced staffing team will screen all the applicants and provide the hiring manager with a list of qualified applicants to review.


  • Know a Chevron employee? Ask them if there's an employee referral program in their location. If you are hired, they may be rewarded for helping to strengthen Chevron's team of talented, high-performing people.

step 3

get ready for the interview

If the hiring manager feels your background meets the job requirements, you may be asked to interview. The hiring manager, along with a few key team members, typically interviews candidates. For some positions, you may be required to complete additional testing.


  • Prepare for your visit. Before you arrive, you will be asked to review the safety procedures for visiting a Chevron campus.
  • Allow extra time. Many of our facilities are large, so you will need time to park, go through security (don't forget to bring a photo ID), and make your way to reception area.
  • Bring examples. Many Chevron managers use what are called "behavioral" questions. They will ask you for examples of how you've handled various situations at previous jobs. Keep your answers as specific and results-oriented as you can.
  • Ask questions. Don't forget, this is your chance to learn about us, too. It's in everyone's best interest to make sure you are the best candidate for the job.

"It’s wonderful to work at a company that values diversity, especially when you work in an area where one day you could be talking to a Chinese company and the next day to a company in India, Spain, or Chile."


Process Engineer

step 4

got the job?


The hiring process can sometimes stretch out over several weeks. You may be called back for a second, or even third, interview. If you are the final candidate, you will be contacted to discuss the details of the job offer.


Before you start. Before beginning employment with Chevron, you'll need to pass a background check and drug screen, in addition to any job–specific testing required.


Don't be discouraged. Review your profile and make sure it presents you in the best possible light. Review job qualifications and consider additional education, certifications or other training you may need to make yourself stand out among other candidates. If our online Job Search tool is available in your area, you can also set up job alerts to be notified when a position matching your interests is posted.