process engineering

As a field process engineer at a Chevron Products Company refinery or Chevron Oronite chemical plant, your job may be as varied as our products. You could:

  • Monitor product yields, catalyst life and process efficiencies
  • Discover ways to increase plant efficiency or yield
  • Set standards for inspection, cleaning and repair of equipment during plant shutdowns
  • Redesign processes that improve product quality, reduce operating costs, improve safety or protect the environment

who we hire

We seek highly motivated people who thrive in a collaborative environment. You'll need a bachelor's or master's degree in chemical engineering.

what you'll do

At Chevron Energy Technology Company, opportunities to work on process technologies range from initial conception and development through deployment, operations and project support. Our development areas include:

  • Gas to liquids
  • Reactor science
  • Separations science
  • Heavy-oil upgrading
  • Fuel cells
  • Distillation
  • Offshore stranded gas (LNG>L)
  • Natural gas processing
  • Sulfur processing, recovery and handling
  • CO² sequestration
  • Refining future energy reduction technologies

kaylin, process control engineer

kaylin, process control engineer

Kaylin takes us through her day of helping maintain and operate Chevron facilities.

Chevron chemical engineers work in operations around the world, using computer simulations and detailed design tools to develop the specifications for new equipment (such as a reactor, distillation column, vessel or heat exchanger), a new operating unit, or even a new refinery or chemical plant. Chemical engineers typically:

  • Spend their first two to five years in process engineering and unit operations
  • Move into new assignments after two to eight years of experience
  • Qualify for additional positions after 10 or more years of experience, including unit supervisor, project manager, lead engineer, or sales manager for a product line

where you'll work

Field process engineers start their careers at one of the following U.S. locations:

  • Belle Chasse, Louisiana
  • El Segundo or Richmond, California
  • Pascagoula, Mississippi

Process engineers at Chevron Energy Technology Company start their careers at one of these U.S. locations:

  • Houston, Texas
  • Richmond, California