technical sales/support engineering

Chevron technical sales/support engineers consult both within Chevron and with our customers to develop innovative solutions to energy problems and challenges.

technical sales/support engineering jobs

engineering services

As an engineer at Chevron Energy Technology Company (ETC), you’ll develop equipment and methods to support our worldwide offshore and frontier drilling and production efforts, as well as our manufacturing activities.

As a civil engineer at ETC you may work on projects as diverse as structural and hydraulic engineering, and geotechnical and earthquake studies. In addition to performing research and development, ETC engineers also provide consultation that supports Chevron’s Upstream asset development process and production operations.

metallurgical and materials engineering

Your work at Chevron Energy Technology Company will involve a wide range of activities, including metallurgy, welding, corrosion control and nonmetallic materials. You’ll support the operation of existing refineries, oil fields, pipelines and chemical plants, as well as participate on teams at new facilities.

health, environment and safety (HES) professionals

Among our most important priorities are health, the environment and safety. As part of our corporate HES department, you’ll help enable Chevron to build and sustain world class operational excellence across the company. Our primary objective is to help Chevron organizations protect the safety and health of people and the quality of the environment in our operations and in the communities in which they are located.

quality assurance engineering

Come help us achieve a higher standard. As a quality assurance engineer, you’ll ensure that Chevron’s suppliers and equipment comply with the company’s specifications.

who we hire

Candidates should have a bachelor's or master's degree in chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical or petroleum engineering.

what you'll do

  • At Chevron Oronite Company, engineers working as product line specialists collaborate with sales representatives to solve our customers' problems and develop products that meet their needs, while achieving financial targets.
  • At Chevron Products Company's Lubricants division, engineers with strong business knowledge manage sales territories, following extensive on-the-job training at U.S. locations in the San Francisco Bay Area.

where you'll work

Chevron technical sales/support engineers typically begin their career at one of the following U.S. locations:

  • Bakersfield, Richmond or San Ramon, California
  • Houston or Midland, Texas
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Pascagoula, Mississippi