maritime operations

Since the days when oil barrels were rolled onto the decks of sailing ships to present day supertankers, Chevron's shipping operations have always been the vital transportation link in safely bringing the world the energy it needs to thrive.

Chevron Shipping Company employees deliver the human energy needed to fuel domestic and international fleets that travel millions of miles and carry millions of barrels of oil each year - all to ensure that energy gets delivered to the right place at the right time safely.

Opportunities are vast - both on land and at sea. Whether you're new to the industry or come to Chevron with experience, you'll face complex and stimulating challenges everyday and you'll play a vital role in delivering innovative, high-quality support to our upstream and downstream business units.

robert, ship captain

robert, ship captain

Captain Robert takes us aboard Asia Excellence, one of Chevron’s new liquefied natural gas carriers.