shoreside operations

Whether you're a former seagoing officer or an expert in the marine industry, you'll find an ocean of opportunity in one of our shore-based areas.

marine transportation

As a key member of the day-to-day management of our operated vessels, you make sure our vessels are in good condition and that cargo is getting to the right places safely, effectively, and efficiently.

Your background: Most individuals have a maritime background and have sailed on tankers or worked in a shipyard.

Typical positions:

  • Voyage manager
  • Area operations coordinator
  • Repair superintendent
  • Riding superintendent
  • Operations superintendent
  • Safety/environmental specialist
  • Procurement and contracting
  • Auditor

marine services

With your solid technical and operational expertise, you advise internal business clients on existing and new vessels of various types such as tankers, LNG carriers, floating production and storage vessels, marine terminals and nautical services in general.

Your background: Many individuals have a seagoing background, piloting experience or have studied as a naval architect or marine engineer at maritime academies or other universities.

Typical positions:

  • Construction manager
  • Naval architect
  • Project manager
  • Hull and systems engineer
  • Marine engineer
  • Marine consultant/advisor
  • Marine superintendent
  • Marine operations manager


As a master negotiator and optimizer, you play a pivotal role arranging for vessel charters to carry crude oil around the world and providing vessel and port clearances for voyages carrying company cargo. Getting suitable, high quality vessels to the right spot for the right voyage, and always at the best price, is essential to our success.

Your background: These individuals excel at complex logistics and are savvy negotiators who track current market conditions and understand shipping economics.

Typical positions:

  • Charterer
  • Voyage manager
  • Business manager and analyst
  • Demurrage analyst
  • Clearance specialist/representative
  • Marine superintendent

LNG shipping

Demand for clean energy has led to dramatic growth in liquefied natural gas (LNG) transportation. As an expert in transporting natural gas liquids, you play a key role in the plans to commercialize Chevron's vast natural gas resource base and develop natural gas growth opportunities worldwide. This includes formulating shipping solutions for LNG projects and coordinating the acquisition of a fleet of highly specialized LNG carriers required to move this cargo. Challenges include conducting simultaneous commercial negotiations with shipyards, ship owners and suppliers to assemble the optimum fleet of ships to safely and reliably serve each project.

Your background: Most individuals have an analytical background, project management skills and extensive commercial negotiation experience.

Typical positions:

  • LNG project manager/coordinator
  • Commercial advisor
  • Business analyst

strategic planning and analysis

You are a financial guru, helping to make forecasts and formulating our business plans, all while developing the overall strategic direction for Chevron Shipping Company.

Your background: Most individuals have a degree in finance or business; a marine background is helpful.

Typical positions:

  • Financial analyst
  • Commercial analyst

human resources and global manning

Your skills and experience are essential to our goals of finding, hiring, training and retaining the right people. You also ensure that Chevron's Invest in People strategy is carried out so our employees can be as successful as possible.

Your background: Most individuals have an HR background and understand the complexities of sourcing talent globally.

Typical positions:

  • HR business partner
  • HR analyst
  • Manning manager
  • Manning representative
  • Training and development manager