If you're a scientist with an advanced degree, Chevron offers unparalleled opportunities in exploration, production, refining and manufacturing. We are seeking people who are passionate about helping to find cleaner, smarter ways to power the world.

who we hire

Chevron Energy Technology Company (ETC) seeks candidates with a master's or doctorate degree for positions and internships in:

  • Research and development
  • Technical analysis
  • Interpretive project work

what you'll do

As a Chevron earth scientist, your work will include:

  • Geological and geophysical research and interpretation
  • Technical service
  • Software development in seismic imaging, acquisition, processing, inversion, velocity modeling, structural geology, reservoir characterization, stratigraphy, reservoir geology, geostatistics, petrophysics, formation evaluation, basin analysis, visualization and other areas

"Chevron actively considers your interests and development while letting you define your own path."



horizons program

Horizons is a dynamic training and development program for employees joining our earth science, drilling, facilities engineering, information technology and petroleum engineering functions. The program offers on the-job training, classroom instruction, and field training to supplement your primary work assignment.

where you'll work

Earth scientists typically start their careers at our major facilities in Houston, Texas or San Ramon, California. Many ETC employees eventually take short-term or long-term assignments in Chevron Global Upstream & Gas.