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Our internship programs provide you with an opportunity to expand your knowledge and benefit from invaluable on-the-job experience.

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internship at Chevron

Working at Chevron provides students and recent graduates the skills and foundational experience they need to begin building a career in their chosen field. Our development programs offer a variety of professional experiences within a structure that provides opportunities to learn, grow, and ultimately succeed.

As a Chevron intern, you’ll have opportunities to:

  • Use your knowledge and interact with senior management, current program
    members, and alumni
  • Tour our facilities
  • Attend learning-centered presentations
  • Socialize with other Chevron professionals
  • View Chevron from a new perspective

Please look for us on campus or at one of the professional diversity conferences we attend.


internship programs

corporate affairs

Provides support at the field level and acts as a bridge between the corporate center and field offices with general knowledge of and the ability to work in all aspects of Corporate Affairs. We are seeking candidates with an understanding of social investment and community engagement activities.

public affairs

Supports and achieves Chevron’s goals by telling our story to key audiences to build an understanding of our industry and confidence in our knowledge, expertise and ability to achieve results. We are seeking candidates who are strong communicators and can effectively advise stakeholders in creating effective messages that engage external and internal audiences through media relations, social/digital media and communications.

government affairs

Leads and manages policy development and advocacy on behalf of the corporation with key public stakeholders at the federal, state and international government levels. We’re seeking candidates with an awareness of the implications of the political structure and environment in which the energy sector operates

public policy and corporate responsibility

Advances Chevron’s global business and corporate responsibility efforts in partnership with operating companies and business units to identify and manage social impacts, external stakeholders and issues, social investment opportunities and public policy issues.

finance development program

Chevron’s Finance Development Program (FDP) is an accelerated rotational program for career-minded individuals with leadership potential. As a member of the FDP, you will be part of a select community with a long-standing history of success – you’ll receive strong support from both Program alumni and Finance leaders. On the FDP, you will strengthen your financial skills, make a direct and meaningful impact on the organizations where you work, and interact with all levels of management.

The FDP Summer Internship is an introduction and a key entry point to our 18-month rotational program. It is structured to allow interns to experience what the full-time program has to offer. The internship will be spent in one assignment over 10-12 weeks at our corporate headquarters in San Ramon, CA. Throughout the summer, interns will have the opportunity to attend trainings, social events, and networking opportunities with program members, alumni and senior Chevron leaders including the CFO. Summer internships are located in San Ramon, California

Finance and commercial MBA program

First-year MBA students have the opportunity to participate in Chevron’s finance MBA summer internship program. You’ll gain a better understanding of our business and learn more about our people and our culture. Like the full-time Finance MBA Development Program, internship assignments are typically project-oriented. We seek first-year MBA students who are interested in future job opportunities with Chevron.

You might be assigned to work in our corporate treasury or comptroller’s group or in one of Chevron’s major San Francisco Bay Area operating companies. All internships are located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

human resources development program

Chevron’s human resources development program (HRDP) prepares you for a dynamic career with Chevron – a global organization focused on growth and innovation If you excel during your internship, you'll be considered for our HR Development Program (HRDP). Chevron Human Resources internships are offered during the summer.

The HRDP internship is designed for first-year graduate students currently enrolled in a Master’s in Human Resources/Labor Relations program or an MBA program with a concentration in Human Resources. We look for candidates that possess the following characteristics:

  • Leadership potential
  • Ability to deliver results and manage projects effectively
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Communication skills and influencing capability
  • Commitment to a long-term career in human resources
  • Willingness to be geographically mobile, both domestically and internationally
  • Three to five years of prior work experience preferable

The HRDP is a challenging program designed to develop a pipeline of future HR leaders by enhancing your skills and providing a variety of opportunities throughout the enterprise (Upstream, Midstream, Downstream and Corporate groups).

Internship assignments mirror the experience and responsibilities of HR professionals and are designed to be challenging and rewarding.

  • 10–12 week internship
  • Business-driven assignments
  • Variety of HR roles
  • Contribute value-add work
  • Develop important HR competencies and business acumen

Summer internship opportunities are generally located in the San Francisco Bay Area, California or Houston, Texas.

information technology

We develop and deploy IT infrastructure and digital technology solutions supporting global operations and design business solutions that create value to maintain reliable operations.

Chevron is actively seeking:

  • Data Scientists who apply scientific methods, computer science and machine learning to solve complex, global business challenges.
  • Software Engineers who develop software solutions for myriad applications across the entire business enterprise.
  • Engineering and Scientific Applications Professionals who provide technical support for engineering and scientific applications.
  • Network Engineers who design,deploy and support Chevron’s Global Network infrastructure, including Industrial Internet of Things, major capital projects and telephony.
  • Cybersecurity Analysts who protect Chevron’s critical IT assets and assess, develop and validate security programs and operations.

procurement/supply chain

For college juniors who would like to take a closer look at Chevron, procurement/supply chain sponsors a summer internship program. Participants will intern as a business analyst or procurement specialist where they will gain a better understanding of Chevron’s business and learn more about its people and culture. Internship assignments mirror the experience and responsibilities of procurement/supply chain professionals. The experience is challenging and rewarding.

Chevron seeks talented college juniors pursuing a supply chain management degree. Ideal candidates:

  • Have strong academic performance and career interest in supply chain management
  • Possess leadership potential
  • Are open to learning and exploring a variety of procurement/supply chain business areas
  • Demonstrate analytical skills and business skills
  • Can innovate and look beyond standard practices
  • Exhibit excellent communication abilities
  • Value teamwork, diversity and integrity

As a procurement/supply chain summer intern, you will be asked to complete a variety of tasks and may work on several projects simultaneously. The position provides various supply chain analyses, internal and external market research studies, as well as data and process analysis to procurement management and operating company procurement teams. Participants will have opportunities to interact with senior managers, current program members, and program alumni.

Assignments and duties are driven by organizational and business needs. Assignments could include one or more projects within the following areas:

  • Buying and expediting
  • Market intelligence
  • Spend analysis
  • Rate competitiveness studies
  • Material inventory tracking
  • Procurement and business process reviews

Full-time positions may be offered to selected interns at the end of the internship.

Summer internships are typically located in:

  • Houston, Texas
  • Richmond, California
  • San Ramon, California (headquarters)

sales development program

Chevron's Sales Development Program attracts undergraduates from top-tier universities who are enthusiastic about a career in sales and aspire to work in a challenging and rewarding business.

The 4-month program offers the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to be successful in sales in an accelerated format that includes formal mentoring, formal and informal training, and field work.

After completing the program’s 4-month curriculum you will have enough experience and knowledge to begin your sales career. You will be placed in a sales role in one of several different locations across the United States with a formal mentor to help you succeed in your new position. Accelerate your career at Chevron by joining the Sales Development Program.

Ideal candidates:

  • Thrive in a high-performance culture that values teamwork and collaboration
  • Possess strong leadership and communication skills
  • Are self-starters with aptitude and interest in interacting with customers daily
  • Have a passion for sales and sales management
  • Have sound technical and analytical skills, as demonstrated through strong academic performance
  • Are excited when presented with complex challenges to solve
  • Geographical flexibility and strong desire to live and work in several areas across the U.S.

The 10-12 week summer internship is designed to give you sales and sales related experiences in the Lubricants business. Internship assignments are project-oriented. They are challenging and impactful – just like assignments in the full-time program. The internship assignment will be in the Lubricants business with a focus on the teams and functions within or directly adjacent to sales. Recent internship experiences include projects in Sales Operations, Marketing, Marketing and Sales Technology, and Planning & Optimization. Interns are often hired into our full-time Sales Development Program upon graduation.


Our Land teams interact with federal and state government agencies on oil and gas regulatory issues; landowners and land professionals to obtain leases, agreements, title opinions and chain of title documents to establish proper payees and title. People working on our Land teams make strategic business decisions and provide business advice to multi-disciplinary teams on land related matters, such as asset management and contracts. To qualify, individuals must have or be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree in one of the following:

  • Energy Commerce/Energy Management
  • General Business
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Law

downstream & chemicals

Chevron's Downstream & Chemicals Summer Internship Program attracts MBA students from top-tier universities who are enthusiastic about professional development and aspire to learn about and work in a quickly evolving and challenging industry.

During the summer internship, you'll have opportunities to interact with senior management and current Graduate Development Program members and alumni. You'll tour our facilities, attend presentations about the Company and connect with other Chevron professionals.

refinery shift leader (video)

earth science

Earth science is the foundation of our industry; it is essential to unlocking the earth’s vital stores of energy. Chevron earth scientists collaborate with talented colleagues around the world to develop new ideas and technical concepts that drive Chevron’s major business segments.

Chevron is actively seeking:

  • Development Geologists who provide detailed geologic knowledge to currently producing assets and develop new ideas or projects for improving total reserves recovery.
  • Exploration Geologists who apply their understanding of the earth’s systems and processes to areas with little data and develop potential exploration test areas.
  • Development Geophysicists who examine seismic data on a detailed scale to propose new infill drilling locations within an existing oil and gas property.
  • Exploration Geophysicists who apply their knowledge to a regional data set and discover a new area for exploration.
  • Petrophysicists who use their technical skills in sedimentary mineralogy and physics to analyze well data and determine quantitative reservoir properties and influence critical oil and gas well completion decisions.


You can experience what it's like to work with a leading-edge Chevron engineering team by participating in our engineering internship program. When you participate in Chevron's engineering internship program, you'll:

  • Gain hands-on engineering experience working on a marketing, exploration, production or refinery project, ranging from field support to detailed technology support
  • Work directly with other engineers and professionals in a team environment and see how Chevron people work together to deliver success
  • Develop your skills under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals
  • Use our internship program as a gateway to explore job opportunities with Chevron

inspiring interns with innovation (video)

Our interns work with, and learn from, some of the best mentors in the industry

health, safety, and environment

Health Safety and Environment specialists support a critical priority—monitoring and protecting the safety and health of our people, the environment in our operations and the communities where we work.

Chevron is actively seeking:

  • Environmental Specialists who advise on environmental regulatory requirements, helping to build best practices, procedures and guidelines at Chevron.
  • Safety Specialists who conduct safety inspections and audits while helping to build best practices, procedures, guidelines and courses to optimize safety at Chevron.
  • Process Safety Specialists who conduct exposure assessments and audits, evaluate exposure controls, develop process risk assessment techniques and offer specialized oversight.

To qualify, individuals must have or be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree in one of the following:

  • Industrial Health and Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Public Health
  • Occupational Safety and Health
  • Civil/Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical and/or Petroleum Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering/Environmental Science
  • Fire Protection/Safety Science
  • Geology/Hydrogeology

marine and shipping

For more than 125 years, our fleet has provided a vital link between Chevron’s operations and the marketplace. We are an industry leader in safely and reliably transporting crude oil, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and refined products that power the world.

Chevron Shipping is the corporate marine center of expertise for Chevron operations and projects, providing safe, reliable and cost-competitive marine transportation, managing marine risk and providing operations, technical and commercial support to our customers. Chevron is actively seeking individuals interested in:

  • Chartering & Commercial Operations
  • Hull and Systems Engineering
  • Information Technology/Strategy and Business Performance

To qualify, individuals must have completed two years of undergraduate study in the areas of:

  • Naval Architecture
  • Marine Engineering
  • Ocean Engineering
  • Marine Transportation
  • Maritime Business Administration

facilities engineering

Facilities Engineers are involved with designing, building and maintaining the Chevron facilities that bring oil and gas production to market. Facilities Engineers work in all parts of the organization in locations around the world. Chevron is actively seeking:

  • Systems, Refining or Operations Engineers who support day-to-day operations of Chevron’s facilities.
  • Technical Discipline Engineers who develop, design, build and maintain mechanical systems and equipment.
  • Project Engineers who identify, scope, evaluate and facilitate completion of projects.

To qualify, individuals must have or be pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctorate degree in one of the following:

  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Materials Engineering
  • Naval Architecture

petroleum engineering

Petroleum engineers play a critical role in our operations by managing oil and gas producing properties and identifying opportunities to improve performance and profitability.

Chevron is actively seeking:

  • Production Engineers who are involved in the full life cycle of field development, from conceptual design through the production phase and eventually abandonment.
  • Reservoir Engineers who evaluate field performance opportunities and help maximize the ultimate value of a property.
  • Heavy Oil and Unconventional Resources Engineers who provide solutions to increase the value of heavy oil assets and other unconventional reservoirs.

Our interns get to explore skills and job opportunities under the supervision and guidance of experienced professionals gain hands-on experience by participating in live projects

Real Projects – Just Another Day in the “Office” for Our Interns (video)

real projects – just another day in the “office” for our interns

How many interns could say they spent their summer modeling a deep water environment? Ours can.

Real Responsibilities to Solve Real Challenges (video)

real responsibilities to solve real challenges

Our interns don’t sit around making coffee, they’re making a real impact on the world.

Real Challenges – Real Interns – Real Advice (video)

real challenges – real interns – real advice

Our interns have a lot of insight to share with future interns looking to join the challenge.

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Human Rights Campaign 2020 Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality

Human Rights Campaign -
2022 - Rated 100%

For the 15th consecutive year, Chevron achieved a rating of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaign Equality Index, which ranks U.S. companies committed to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality in the workforce.

Disability Equality Index 2023 Best Place to work for Disability Inclusion

2023 best place to work for
disability inclusion

The American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability : IN have recognized Chevron with a 100% rating on the 2023 Disability Equality Index, maintaining our top score for the fourth year in a row.

NSBE 2019 Chairman's Award

National Society of
Black Engineers - 2019

Honored as one of 12 organizations that made a positive impact by investing more than $100,000 in Black/African American communities.

Forbes 2019 The Best Employers for Women


Forbes and Statista named Chevron to the 2019 list of America’s Best Employers for Women.